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Education in another country is a major investment that it opens the door to new opportunities to the students. The United States has most versatile system of education in the world. U.S. degrees are recognized all over the world and are considered to be one of the best in the world. America provides equal opportunities to access success.

Highlighted Programs

Boarding Schools:

If you or your child are looking for a school with smaller class size and more individual attention, a safer school environment, a more challenging academic program to better prepare for college, people with similar interests and clear goals for the future, and a strong emphasis on values and character education, then boarding school may be for you.

Calbridge offers you the choices of many prestigious boarding schools across America. > More Information



Private Day Schools

An alternative to boarding schools, private day schools offer their students many similar benefits as boarding schools. Students can be more academically challenged and exposed to a clearer value teaching; they get more individual attention and a more balanced program than local public school options. International students will be living with carefully selected American families. This provides an excellent opportunity for the students to learn English and American culture.

Calbridge offers the choice of many well-respected private day schools located in California and service of home stay.  > More Information


Public Schools

Three out of four PK-12 schools in US are public schools. Public schools typically have very small numbers of international students. This provides an excellent opportunity for the international students to learn English.

Calbridge partners with reputable public high schools in California, who welcome international students to be part of their community and study for one year.  > More Information


ESL and English Language

With small and interactive class, flexible start dates and special designed curriculum taught by American instructors, Calbridge offers ESL and English language programs focus on English training for successful transition to U.S. high school and college. > More Information



Summer Camps/Programs

Our summer camp/program offers language classes taught by American instructors, week long camps with American teens, college tour, local areas tour and cultural activities. This program provides an excellent opportunity for the international students to visit the United States, learn English, learn American culture and make new friends. > More Information



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